Teambuilding Mechelen

Mechelen is a wonderful, lively city, which has managed to preserve its authentic atmosphere. It has a population of some 80,000, as well as a rich historical and cultural heritage. Who has not heard the famous story of the 'Maneblussers'? According to history books, this took place during the night of 27-28 January 1687. On this night, there was a full moon and low cloud. This combination created an optical effect, which made the people of Mechelen think that the tower of Saint Rumbold’s Cathedral was on fire. And so they all rushed to try and put out this non-existent blaze! From that day to this, the people of Mechelen have been known as 'maneblussers' - literally meaning 'moon extinguishers'! This is just one of the city's many legends.

You can combine a number of these legends into an exciting teambuilding activity; a sure-fire recipe for a fun-filled, suspenseful and informative day!

You can choose from our standard teambuilding in Mechelen package or, if you prefer, we can also work out a new central theme, better suited to the size and needs of your company or team.  


Download here our inspirational brochure for Mechelen!