1) Route description by car. Important because it is the only fluent way to get to us (one-way streets in the city centre of Bruges).

From E40 > exit 8 > follow direction Blankenberge/Zeebrugge/Brugge > at the first traffic lights: straight ahead > just past this crossing, thus before the second traffic lights: turn oblique to right direction Brugge Sint-Michiels > 2 roundabouts: always straight ahead > turn left just before the station to the centre and then drive under the viaduct > (*) at the big roundabout: 90° left > stay on the left side of the road > go through the tunnel under the square with the new concert building (big red building) > turn right at the first traffic lights (‘Gulden Vlieslaan’), straight ahead passing the second traffic lights > then turn right on the third lights, at ‘Ezelpoort’. You drive ‘Ezelstraat’ to the end  (at a certain point the street name will change into ‘Sint-Jakobsstraat’ and you will pass the Sint-Jakobs church).

50 meters ahead, on your right, you will see the conservatorium. At the other side of the street left  (‘Naaldenstraat’) you will find immediately the underground car park (‘De Biekorf’). This is the best place to park  your car because you are now in the heart of the centre and  only a hundred meters away from our office. You exit ‘Naaldenstraat’ into ‘Sint-Jacobsstraat’ and go a little to the right. There you will see a small street ‘Palmstraat’. You walk through arriving in the “Geerwijnstraat”. On the left and you will find our office at number 9.


2) If you really have to stop in front of our door (f.e. to unload something):

You follow the same route as above but now you drive till the end of ‘Sint-Jakobsstreet’. In the distance you see ‘Markt’ and at the corner the patisserie Aux Merveilleux. Turn right and follow ‘Geldmuntstraat’. After approximately 100 meter you take the first side street on your right (corner = shop “Veritas”). Now you are in ‘Geerwijnstraat’ and you can temporarily stop in front of our door at number 9. A little further in ‘Leeuwstraat’ or ‘Oude Zak’ you might find parking space (BE CAREFUL = here you also have to pay), if not you take a small tour and go until the end of the street. There you turn right, go around the church to the ‘Sint-Jacobsstraat’ and then to the underground car park (‘De Biekorf’) (see 1).


3) When you decide to come by train (smart, easy and ecologically sound): take the bus to main square, called ‘Markt’ and get off there. Standing with your back to the belfry tower, you head to the café “De Beurze” on the other side and walk the piece left beside, then take the first street left (‘Geldmuntstraat’) and the first street on your right (corner = shop “Veritas”). You are now in ‘Geerwijnstraat’, you will find our office at number 9. From ‘Markt’ a mere two minutes.


4) Hint:

from (*) in the route description follow right and enter the car park just past the railway station at your right. Here you can park all day long for only € 3,50 and your parking ticket is also valid to take the bus  to ‘Markt’ (main square) with all passengers included. Perfect + is only 2 minutes away now (see3)

This is your best bet, definitely if you intend to visit and enjoy ancient Bruges after your appointment with Perfect+.


Lost anyway? Call +32 (0)50 34 76 08 and we'll come and look for you. 


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