Other cities

The well-known and exclusive CityGame from Perfect+ is already a big hit, and is available for many Belgian cities. However, it is also possible to experience this great concept in a city of your choice, anywhere in Europe. For a small additional price, we will gladly organize this city game for you on site. Please feel free to ask for a price quotation. For large groups, the additional cost is negligible, and guarantees an activity that will lead you to all the most beautiful places of interest in a unique and surprising way. The game concept (based on GPS and mobile internet), the photo souvenirs on your own website, the excitement of competition, the score monitoring in real-time, and the amusing and entertaining tasks all help to make CityGame a truly memorable experience. So when are you going to give it a try? 

Next to the CityGame the other activities mentionned-below are also possible in a city or place of your choice. We develop them with pleasur for you.