Pedestrian rally "Ypres Upside Town"

Thrilling foot rally in the city center of Ypres. Full of fun and surprises.

Why just wander aimlessly through a remarkable city like Ypres, a city that has so many stories to tell?

The foot rally 'YpresUpside Town' is a city game packed with fun and action, which guarantees to add spice and purpose to your visit. Experience is the best teacher. Do-tasks, photo shoots, and entertaining games are the ingredients for a varied activity cocktail.

The team that can best deal with this multitasking and show itself to have true survival qualities will be the victors in Ieper. Once a battlefield, but now a place for confrontation of a different kind, as teams compete to outdo each other in skill and ingenuity.

Suitable for any kind of group activity. Fully flexible and adjustable to your specific needs.

More general information about the game concept? Click here.

Teambuilding Ieper Dr. Allewaert

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