Pedestrian rally "Ghent Upside Town"

Thrilling pedestrian rally in the city center of Ghent. Full of fun and surprises.

Ghent, the city of the 'Noose Bearers' on the Leie! One of Flanders' most enjoyable places to be.

There is so much to see and do! Historic buildings, such as the belfry, Saint Bavo's Cathedral and the Gravensteen Castle, but also a modern town hall and wonderful parks, with dozens of historic monuments.

Let yourself be carried away by the city's charm and get to know the real Ghent. Complete the tasks with your team, answer the questions and take lots of fun photos. In short, everything you need for a really great day of play and pleasure, with a little pinch of culture.

More general information about the game concept? Click here.

Voetrally Gent De Lijn

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