BikeGame Bruges - Damme

Exlusive and interactive cycling game format using mobile internet and GPS. Enjoy some memorable moments together!

The BikeGame Bruges – Damme - Bruges is an interactive and witty competition across a region, from town to village and back.

Equipped with a GPS-device on a bicycle and a Tablet with mobile internet, several teams will make their way through the city. The participants do not know where they will arrive and what challenges are upcoming. So it isn’t just another GPS-game, but an extraordinary experience completely interactive and … full of surprises!

After a detailed explanation of the equipment and navigation to the captains, further information will be acquired through a 4G Tablet. By using mobile internet the teams can view the actual ranking, answer a question at a waypoint and solve tasks biking along historical squares, remarkable landmarks, various places of interest and the must sees of beautiful environment between Bruges and Damme.

As such, dedication, suspense and the will to win are driving each team!

Beside this, teams can take pictures with their Tablets and send them to GameControl who stores them directly on a website, ready to be viewed immediately afterwards. The cases and activities are fixed on teambuilding, capacity to execute and strategical ability of the teams. Only logical thinking, cooperation, inventivity and good navigation can lead to the victory!

The whole game combines the latest technology in the field of internet and mobile applications. Afterwards you can chill out (with a good Belgian beer perhaps?)

If you become the winner, it all depends of your team.

More general information about the game concept? Click here.

BikeGame Bruges Brugge Damme

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