Themed evening The Venice of the North

Venice and Bruges join together. The best of Italian and Flemish gastronomy!

It's just as though you were taking a gondola to an exquisite Italian delicatessen. A surprising and original gastronomic cuisine is served using hearty regional ingredients, with a Mediterranean touch that recalls the Mezzogiorno.

The boat stops at 4 different stalls offering a buffet reminiscent of the once proud Italian mercantile towns of Florence, Venice, Genoa and Lucca, which all played an important role in the cosmopolitan Bruges of the Middle Ages.

In addition, the northern town of Bruges has literally imported La Bella Italia in terms of decor, clothing and southern passionate music. The best of both worlds. Doges and counts.

Possible in a venue of your preference. We'll gladly do you some propositions. 

Venetië Van het noorden themafeest

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