Bollywood evening

Mumbai, One Thousand and One Night. Sense the magic and exotic atmosphere of colourful India!

A journey to India, the cradle of the world famous and renowned Bollywood movies. Minarets, awnings, boedha and Bollywood posters, nothing will absent in this decoration.

During the evening all your senses will be stimulated, above your taste papilla's. Our waiters, with turban serve different typical Indian dishes such as Til Ginga, chicken Tandoori, Mulligatawny, chicken Tikki, Biriyani and of course the Indian tea.

During this evening the guests are treated on the magnificent music of a Sitarplayer and percussionist.

Unique and unforgettable.

Possible in a venue of your preference. We'll gladly make you some propositions. 

Bollywood theme night event

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